Paricharya offer Home doctor services, we have a team of highly qualified and experienced MBBS doctors who will visit your home for your health checkup. We have started this service especially for elderly bed ridden patients or people with chronic illness who find difficult to reach hospital or prefer to be treated at home.

We provide home physiotherapy services for patients suffering from chronic illness. Conditions like stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, post operative cases can be successfully managed with physiotherapy.
We also have a post rehabilitation program for patients affected by stroke

We have an expert medical advisory panel for consultation, which includes specialist doctors from different speciality.

Paricharya offer you a high quality and reliable diagnostic and laboratory tests services at your doorstep. We have a highly trained team of phlebotomists, who will visit your doorstep as per your convenient time schedule and will collect blood and test sample.

Paricharya offers Home Nursing Services, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced Nurses who will visit your home to provide Nursing services and care to your loved one. This includes services like Intramuscular/ Intravenous injection, Insulin, Nebulization, wound cleaning and dressing, bed sore prevention, mobility services, Ryle’s tube care, catheterization and care, stoma care, general nursing care as well other minor clinical procedures. We also offer Post hospitalization care services under the advice and guidance of specialist doctors with the aim to assist you for speedy recovery from illness and to prevent any complication.

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